"Words fail at the moment…..”thank you” feels shallow and off the mark..”gratitude” doesn’t quite sum it up,  “admiration” is an understatement…..so I will just say that your Blog is a remarkable, poignant piece of work that really nails it!  You really capture the experience I personally dream and desire for each guest.  I truly hope each guest feels exactly the way you do, likely without your mad writing skills, but hope that their experience mirrors your words."
Coleen Kirnan, Tuscan Women Cook

Humor breaks through barriers. It connects people. It smoothes conversational gears. It can bridge management and staff. Humor in the workplace can even be big business. Ask any successful man or woman. They will tell you that a sense of humor is one of the most powerful and persuasive business tools they’ve got. Funny Works gives professionals a way to productively use humor at work. The book gives one crazy, offbeat reason to come to work for every week of the year.