Claire Berger

Claire Berger's Road Map

... from there to here.

When I started my career, Mapquest wasn't available to provide navigation. Truth is, I didn't need a compass, a GPS or a map to follow my dreams. I listened to my heart and decided I needed to make people happy; pure and simple. My heart led me to comedy. First stop: The Second City in Chicago and a simultaneous launch into stand-up which jettisoned me west to earn a living making people laugh as a warm-up comedian , and television host in Los Angeles.

I love writing web sites. Another specialty: Company Newsletters.

All roads lead to my love of laughter.

My belief in connecting the benefits of humor with health and happiness in the workplace became my creative roadmap for launching FunnyWorks, Inc. It inspired me to consult and collaborate with fascinating, visionary business people, write a book and motivate the masses across the country. En route, I found that I clicked with college audiences and have developed several interactive programs and presentations that allow me to help students navigate work and play.

Always hungry for more, I'm also driven by my passion for cooking and entertaining to create The Culinary Stage. A delicious detour; this road connects everything I love: high test performance, food and fun.

I doubt even the most savvy caffeine-fueled, back seat driver could have tracked the hairpin twists, turns and scenic detours of what has been my creatively fulfilling personal and professional journey.

This I know for certain; My road trip is just getting started. Come on along for the ride. I'm always looking for passengers and I don't plan on stopping unless it's for Chocolate.